Mostly your Desktop:

  • 1Password, extremely well designed password management and more; syncs with mobile app, great customer support and support forum. Proprietary, license fee. For more information:

  • GPG Tools, easy to use tools for managing and utilizing PGP for email and file encryption/decryption. Open source, free*. For more information:

  • Tor Browser, a modified version of the Firefox browser that utilizes the Tor Network, enabling browsing to be more secure and anonymous. Open source, free*. For more information:

For your Browser:

  • 1Password (extension), Firefox and Safari extension that comes with 1Password (above). Allows you to launch web pages and fill in userid and passwords directly from the extension. For more information:

  • HTTPS Everywhere, Firefox and Chrome add-on that defaults to encrypted communications using HTTPS if available on a site. Open source, free*. For more information:

  • NoScript, Firefox add-on that filters which scripts run based on your parameters. Open source, free*. For more information:

  • Privacy Badger, Firefox and Chrome add-on from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) that helps block spying ads and invisible trackers. Open source, free*. For more information:

For Email:

  • FastMail, privacy oriented email and calendar service interfaces with most desktop email clients, browser interface, and its own mobile apps for iOS and Android clients. Email address aliases, encrypted when send and receiver both use FastMail. Proprietary, subscription. For more information:

For iOS or Android phone:

  • ChatSecure, peer-to-peer messaging with using XMPP, OTR, and Tor network. Open source, free*. For more information:

  • iPGMail, sign and encrypt email using your PGP keys in conjunction with the Apple iOS Mail client, a little intimidating for the non-technical user. Proprietary, license fee. For more information:

  • Signal Private Messenger, iOS and Android private voice and text app for your hand held device. Highly regarded and recommended by experts in privacy and security. Open source, free* service. For more information:

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Many communications services, messaging and email, offer a browser interface using JavaScript. There are sufficient security concerns surrounding this practice that I strongly recommend you do not communicate sensitive information via your browser. Rather, choose a secure messaging or email service and use that service's application. FastMail, ChatSecure and Signal Private Messenger all offer apps that support communication without the use of a browser.

For Private File Sharing:

  • SpiderOak, near zero knowledge** encrypted file backup, syncing; SpiderOak let's you know exactly when and why any information is not zero knowledge. 2-gig of space free, reasonable price to get more. Proprietary. For more information:

* It astonishes me how people believe they should get software for free. If you use the software, send a donation. It's the right thing to do.

** zero knowledge in this context is where the client (your desktop) encrypts and decrypts files. At no time do your encryption keys leave your computer so your files cannot be decrypted anywhere else. I say near zero-knowledge because under certain circumstances, called out by SpiderOak, some of your information is unencrypted on their servers. When using the mobile app the encryption key is encrypted but in memory on a SpiderOak server. SpiderOak is working on a resolution. I will either update this page when a resolution is found or find an alternative backup and sync service if it looks like they are not going to be able to close this hole.