Ilford no longer, Hahnemühle from here forward

    It seems Ilford, makers of the print paper I've used for decades, is finally closing its doors. That's the sad news. I did discover though that some of the products have been picked up by Hahnemühle... Read more

    Looking for a better gallery

    For all the 1 or 2 of you that occasion my web site, apologies for not posting pics from my Crater Lake trip. The mechanism I have for posting galleries on this site is kind of lame. Part of this is due to my wanting a bare bones presentation. Flash collects information without permission and I don't like that, I don't want to use an external site for galleries, and so on... Read more

    Return from Crater Lake

    Just returned from yurt hopping my way from Seattle to Crater Lake and back. It was a muchly needed break.

    Quite a bit of driving but this was a small price to pay for seeing such beautiful scenery. Lots of pics to ready for some new galleries... Read more

    Underscoring how difficult it is to have real privacy on the internet

    Read an interesting article on the internet:

    The Schneier article summarizes another article which claims the NSA is targeting anyone who even looks at the TOR Project site among others. If true then this supports what I said on my Privacy Advocate page 

    "..... Read more

    Blog comments turned off

    Realized that commenting on this blog invoked a third party site. Since I'm not interested in providing even more data for third parties to mine, I have turned off blog commenting. You can send me a comment through the Contact page instead.

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