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BW Stone Series - I once saw Fred Picker quoted as saying, "When the weather is nice point the camera up. When it isn't, point the camera down." Out here in the Pacific Northwest I find many opportunities to point the camera down. This project is an ongoing study of various photogenic stones and stone formations I come across on our many overcast and rainy days. Go to BW Stone Series
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Gallery 52 - This project was an attempt to take 52 images taken over 52 weeks from click to final print. It was an ambitious project aimed at rekindling my passion for photography after a long period of doldrums. The project was aborted only a few weeks in due to life, which at the time included fixing up a house, selling it, finding another, and now fixing that one up too, and a host of various medical challenges. It was a great project while it lasted and I may start another one like it someday. This gallery contains some of the images from that project. Go to Gallery 52
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Slow Boat to Hawaii - Probably the best cruise I'd ever been on: 14 days to Hawaii and back. Only 4 days in Hawaii itself and 5 days back and forth. It was a relaxing, wonderful time when my family needed it badly. There are only a handful of images from the trip and of those only a few here. I spent most of my time reading. Go to Slow Boat to Hawaii

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